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AirBac is reaching Blogs all over the world, unanimously seen as the best option to protect your shoulders and back and all your technology goodies. 

las vegas sun: Travel Goods Show 2012 The AirBac is the most comfortable bag on the planet Ease Backpack Pain With Airbac Airbak Focus Tech backpack uses air support
AirBak backpack lifts weight off the upper back and shoulders where the most pain is felt Airbac Receives the PTSA Award For The Safest Backpack Design alleviate the pain of the habitual over-packer one-tenth the amount of energy and stress on the spinal column to carry than does a standard backpack carrying the same weight.
shield your photography equipment and tech items with a cushion of air Best Bags to Hold Your Tech Gadgets Safely and Efficiently    

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WGN My Chicago Mommy 15,000 backback related injuries per year, solution is AirBac las vegas sun: Travel Goods Show 2012 Protect your child's back with AirBac
Distribute the weight in your backpack with AirBac